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  1. Good Morning Sam: just a few kind words to wish you and your family a blessed holiday season and prosperous New Year. My family and I had a wonderful holiday season. I viewed both your Painting and Sculpture sites, and found them as always to be awesome. I will be taking an independent Art History course, during the Spring 2011 session, inorder to investigate an indepth study of: Painting, Sculpture, and Printmaking. I will need to call on your expertise on all three areas, when completing my writings. By the way, take some time and investigate the: IPFW / Masters of Liberals Studies program with an emphasis in Fine Arts. This will allow you to work on your Masters and teach Painting, either on a part time to full time basis, as a second career. Because if you don't you might become reincarnated as a (toad) - smile. God bless, Ellis Terrell,jr.